Sub-Forum on Yunnan-Italy HigherEducation Cooperation 云南-意大利高等教育合作分论坛

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Sub-Forum on Yunnan-Italy HigherEducation Cooperation 云南-意大利高等教育合作分论坛

12 june 2019
On the afternoon of June 11, 2019, the 2nd Yunnan-South Asia Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Forum: Yunnan-Italy Higher Education Cooperation Sub-Forum was held in Haiyuan Hall, Kunming. This sub-forum is sponsored by Yunnan Provincial Education Department and hosted by Jinqiao College of Kunming University of Technology.


The theme of the sub-forum is "Yunnan-Italy Higher Education Cooperation for Green and Innovative Society". The Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, Mr. Lorenzo Gonzo, the representative of the Visa Office of the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, Ms. Chiara Ferraris, and Ms. Elena Li, the project director of the Italian Education Center, attended the meeting. Governor Yang Hongqiong of the Education Supervisory Group of the People’s Government of South China, and representatives of Yunnan Universities such as Yunnan University for Nationalities, Yunnan Institute of Art, Jinqiao College of Kunming University of Technology, Haiyuan College of Kunming Medical College, Yunnan University College of Tourism Culture, Wenhua College of Yunnan College of Art, Yunnan College of Business and Yunnan Vocational College of Light Textile attended the meeting.

分论坛以“面向绿色与创新型社会的云南-意大利高等教育合作”为主题,意大利驻重庆总领馆科技参赞龚卓龙(Lorenzo Gonzo)先生、意大利驻重庆总领馆签证处代表乔蕾(Chiara Ferraris)女士和意大利教育中心项目主管李德俐(Elena Li)女士等意大利嘉宾专程到会;云南省人民政府教育督导团杨红琼总督学,以及云南民族大学、云南艺术学院、昆明理工大学津桥学院、昆明医学院海源学院、云南大学旅游文化学院、云南艺术学院文华学院、云南工商学院、云南轻纺职业学院等云南高校代表出席了会议。


The meeting was chaired by Professor Deng Gang, President of Jinqiao College, Kunming University of Technology. Governor Yang Hongqiong and Counsellor Gong Zhuolong delivered speeches. They introduced the general situation of higher education in Yunnan and Italy and the cooperation and exchange of higher education between the two sides. They were pleased to mention that Sino-Italian economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges have a long history and a solid foundation. They believed that through this activity, mutual understanding between Italy and Yunnan would be enhanced.


The scientific and technological counsellor of the Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Chongqing, the visa officer and the project manager of the Uni-Italia introduced the Italian higher education system, the situation of universities and visas, noticed that the students’representatives shared their experience of studying in Italy, and exchanged with the representatives of the participating universities on the specific links and projects of higher education cooperation between the two sides.


At the meeting, Chinese and foreign delegates held warm and pragmatic exchanges and discussions on cooperation and exchanges between Yunnan and Italy in higher education and related links of studying in Italy. They unanimously expressed their active interest in the solid foundation and good prospects of cooperation and exchanges between Yunnan and Italy in higher education. They also discussed mainly in art and design, language and culture, engineering technology and agriculture. The intention of further strengthening contacts and carrying out cooperation in specific projects in the fields of industry, economy and management is to continue communication, discussion and implementation after the specific cooperation projects with definite intentions are agreed upon. Dialogue, exchanges and cooperation in the field have laid a more solid foundation.