September in New Delhi - Visits to SPA and Amity

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September in New Delhi - Visits to SPA and Amity

11 september 2023

September has been fruitful for Uni-Italia India in New Delhi so far.

In light of our ongoing efforts to  establish connections with premier academic campuses, On 6 September, Ms Federica Maria Giove, Director of Uni-Italia India Offices along with Mr Arkaprabha Biswas, Manager Uni-Italia New Delhi, was invited by Prof. Dr Anil Dewan, Head, Department of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, to visit their campus. The closed-door meeting witnessed the presence of Prof. Dr Parag Anand, HOD, Department of Industrial Design, and Prof. Amit Hajela, Visiting Faculty, SPA, where the scope of a more end-to-end growth of ‘Study in Italy’ was discussed along with exploration of certain possibilities of academic mobility between SPA and the premier design schools in Italy. The meeting will soon be followed by an interaction with the students, the primary stakeholders,  in the coming days.


The second half of the day was planned for a brainstorming session at Amity University, Noida, in observation of the enhancement of an already-existing academic camaraderie between Uni-Italia and Amity. This meeting was arranged by Prof. Dr Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities, at the presence of the other distinguished faculty members, namely Dr Kanish Jain, Assistant Director, International Affairs, Dr Sakshee Singh, and Dr Anupama Rajesh, Amity Business School, among others. This meeting was aimed at planning the next steps for the upcoming academic year 2024–25, where Amity could play a vital role in taking it to the next step in building a pro-active academic collaboration with Italian universities through hosting Italian faculty members and university delegates, masterclasses, and a more pro-active student involvement in Italian higher education in general.

Uni-Italia is elated to announce that both the universities have showed immense interest in attending our event IDOHE (Italian Days of Higher Education) on 2 and 5 November, respectively in Bengaluru and Mumbai. Stay tuned.