Furthering academic exchange between Italy and India

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Furthering academic exchange between Italy and India

7 november 2023

As an opening to IDOHE - Italian Days on Higher Education in India, the Consul General of Italy in Bengaluru, Alfonso Talgliaferri, invited Uni-Italia along with the representatives of 13 participating Italian higher education institutions to a closed-door meeting at the beautiful premises of the recently inaugurated Consulate General of Italy in Bengaluru.

The primary aim of this meeting was to set goals regarding the facilitation of student mobility and visa procedures for the south of India for the upcoming academic year.

Keeping in mind the already-existing strong academic, economic and commercial relationship between Italy and India, the Consul General addressed all the stakeholders of the day for a stronger cooperation to build an Italian ecosystem in India, with stronger alumni connections on this soil. In order to make the journey smoother and hassle-free the need to streamline students along the right path was discussed, ensuring that they do not get misled with the wrong information.


Representing a binary higher education system

Uni-Italia stressed the importance of bringing both the Italian universities and AFAM institutes on a single platform for an ideal representation of the country as a whole. This edition of IDOHE presented itself as a demonstrable solution.

Following the resounding success of IDOHE in both Bengaluru and Mumbai, the Consul General of Italy in Mumbai, Alessandro De Masi, invited the stakeholders to a closed-door meeting within the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai, to discuss matters further.

Furthering academic exchange between Italy and India

The stronger cooperation and dialogue between Consul General and Universities during the pre-visa and visa-processing phases was discussed, along with the active involvement of Italian Higher Education Institutions in cultural activities in India. There is an overall great satisfaction of Indian students coming to Italy. All Italian university representatives unanimously agreed that all Indian students who have received a study visa are genuine students. There have been no defaulting cases from India so far. Uni-Italia strives to continue to match exceptional Indian students with prestigious Italian higher education institutions. 

As highlighted by the director of uni-Italia india, Federica Maria Giove, and all the participants, “A stronger and immediate cooperation between the universities, Uni-Italia and the Consulate Generals of Italy in Bengaluru and Mumbai will definitely contribute in facilitating and empowering the process of studying in Italy for an increasing number of brilliant Indian students in the upcoming years.”

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