Alumni Farnesina event in New Delhi: Showcasing Italy’s scholarship opportunities while highlighting the female experience

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Alumni Farnesina event in New Delhi: Showcasing Italy’s scholarship opportunities while highlighting the female experience

15 december 2023

The Italian Ministry of University and Research estimates there were 5,260 Indian students studying in Italy in the academic year 2021/22. This signals the growing interest of Indian students in attending studies in Italy, and thus of an ongoing attractiveness of our university system.

Italian scholarships and grants have been granted to Indian students for many years, the Italian Embassy in India and the Italian Embassy Cultural Institute in New Delhi, in partnership with the Association for the promotion of Italian Higher Education Abroad, Uni-Italia, hosted the first hybrid event for the “Alumni Farnesina” and interested prospective students. The event aimed to share the experience of Indian Alumni who have studied in Italy, to offer guidance for visa applications of prospective students and to showcase the opportunities of the Italian University system. 

Opening remarks were made by Andrea Anastasio, Director IIC New Delhi, Marcella Zacchagnino, Deputy Chief of Mission and < a i=3>Maria Teresa, First Secretary from the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi, and Mr. Arkaprabha Biswas, Manager Uni-Italia New Delhi Office. The panel was moderated by Ms. Monalu Maya, Italian Language Professor at IIC and Delhi University, who welcomed Ankit Idwani, Dr. Shraddha Joshi, Ms. Ilma Zehra and Dr. Prachi Singh, all Italian alumni of Indian origin, and recipients of the MAECI scholarship.

The conversation focused on highlighting female experiences, as role modeling plays a central role in encouraging young women to pursue university studies, excel academically, and break down gender barriers in education. Female exemplary achievements and advocacy serve as powerful motivators and sources of inspiration for the next generation of female scholars, researchers, and leaders, ultimately contributing to greater gender equality and empowerment in society. In India a deficiency of female role models has often been mentioned as a reason for the persistence of gender gaps in leadership positions in the corporate or university sectors. For example, as of February 2021, only 14.4% of seats in Parliament were held by women and in private sector employment, only 14.6 percent of managerial roles are filled by women, and at 14.8 percent for mid-level positions (UN Women Data Hub , India fact sheet. The focus of this event will be on female voices, and this is why it is part of the Italian Embassy’s initiatives in the framework of Italy’s EU Gender Champion semester in New Delhi (October 2023 – March 2024).
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through the Embassy in New Delhi grantsscholarships for Indian students who wish to continue their education in Italian institutions through 2 programs: 
  • The Invest Your Talent in Italy program provides 9-month scholarships for students from a number of foreign countries, including India, to attend higher education courses (bachelor’s or master’s degree) in Italy in the fields of Engineering Design/Architecture or Economics/Management, followed by an internship at an Italian company. A total of 324 applications were received for the Invest Your Talent in Italy scholarships for the academic year 2022/23, compared to 243 in 2021/22.

  • The normalscholarships offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation itself address to foreign students from a number of beneficiary countries, including India, to carry out study, training and/or research programs at Italian public or legally recognized institutions. The scholarships can cover attendance for 6 or 9 months of undergraduate degree programs, higher education in art, music and dance, doctoral studies, co-tutored study projects and, for the duration of 3 months, advanced courses in Italian language and culture. Regarding the ministry’s ordinary scholarships for a.y. 2022/23, 436 applications were received to which 17 scholarships were paid.